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And now we have "podjacking" December 3, 2005

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From Yahoo! News, courtesy of NewsFactor.com:

Podcaster falls prey to RSS hijacking

Extortionists now have a new type of victim to pick on: podcasters. U.S. podcaster Eric Marcus has fallen prey to a hijacker who has diverted his really simple syndication (RSS) feed and is allegedly demanding money to release it. Marcus, who runs the Vegan.com site and produces the Erik’s Diner podcasts, is looking for legal redress…

…Marcus found that Yahoo has an RSS listing for his podcast on its podcasts.yahoo.com directory, but that the listing directs potential visitors to podkeyword.com rather than to vegan.com. He also discovered that Apple’s iTunes online music store associates the podkeyword.com Web address with the Erik’s Diner podcast…

…Marcus asked podkeyword.com to make a listing change. But the site allegedly replied that it would only do so if Marcus made a payment or permanently agreed to its terms, according to press reports.

For more on this case, Marcus’ attornety, Colette Vogele, head of the San Francisco-based law firm Vogele & Associates and a fellow at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, has posted a report on Marcus’ problems on her blog at http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu/blogs/vogele/.



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