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I hate asking for money, but… August 21, 2006

Posted by Brian in Uncategorized.

…I have officially registered for the 15th Annual Mercer County (NJ) Heart Walk and 5K Heart Run on Saturday, Sept. 16…as a runner.

Yeah…I never thought I’d be doing that either…but I am. It’s for a good cause and, since I’m participating with my colleagues, I will be scoring brownie points at work.

But here’s the deal…I need to raise some funds for this, so I could use your help. If you go to my Heart Run page, you can make a modest donation to the American Heart Association to support my endeavor…which would be awfully nice of you.

My personal goal is to raise $200, although I really didn’t choose that. It was a default setting when I registered. I would love to raise $200 or more, but I’d settle for $100…that way, I can get the official Heart Walk t-shirt!

Here’s an added incentive…should I raise the $100 t-shirt minimum and ironically drop dead of a heart attack during the Heart Run, my largest donor will get the shirt! If I survive? Well, I’ll e-mail you a photo of me wearing the shirt.

Thank you in advance for your support.



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