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5K results are online! September 19, 2006

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Well, the results have been posted for the American Heart Association’s 2006 Mercer County 5K Heart Run.

I finished in 56th place overall (out of 109 runners) with a time of 27 minutes, 54 seconds.

Official results

What these results also show is that I finished 12th out of 16 males between the ages of 30 and 39, which sucks. But at least I didn’t come in last within my gender-age group.

One of my fellow runners from Rider, Mike (who came in a very solid 19th overall), and I are planning to run another 5K next month. The Susan G. Komen Foundation N.J. Race for the Cure will be held just up the road from Rider at Bristol-Myers Squibb’s headquarters in Princeton on Oct. 29, so we’re thinking of registering for that.

Up until Saturday, the only running I had done was on the track near my apartment. I found it a lot easier to run on a course with other people pushing me than it is to run on a track, where I keep thinking to myself, “Eight more laps to go…seven more laps to go,” and so on.

Anyway, I’m going to try to do four or five 5K runs a year from now on…probably two or three from March-May and two or three in September and October. I’ll keep June-August open for cycling.


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