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Update No. 18 – Back in training 2014: Trenton Half Marathon result November 10, 2014

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Trenton Half MarathonWell, with my completion of the Trenton Half Marathon this past Saturday—my first-ever half-marathon—this year’s series of “Back in Training” posts comes to a close. I finished the Trenton Half Marathon in 2:07:12, and my 10-mile split of 1:34:03 bested my 10-mile time in the 2014 Broad Street Run (1:36:21) by more than two minutes. The course through Trenton, N.J., and Morrisville, Pa., is fairly challenging, with a decent number of inclines. There is one uphill road in Morrisville that kicked my ass when I ran the 10K race last year, so I was determined not to let it get the best of me again. This year, I eased up just a bit as I approached the turn onto that street and hit it hard. I blew by quite a few people at that point and, honestly, I felt great when I reached the top of that hill. It was totally the right way to go.

BK with Trenton Half Marathon finisher's medal

Me…after finishing the 2014 Trenton Half Marathon.

But…there were plenty more climbs, especially right after mile 8 on the approach to Cadwalader Park. Within the park itself, there were a few hills and dips. Between that and the fact that I had only run longer than 10.1 miles once before, this is when my legs started tiring. You can see in my splits that I ran a 10:39/mile pace between miles 10 and 13.1—nearly a full minute slower than my pace over the previous five miles and 1 min., 22 sec. slower than my pace over the first five miles of the race. But the important thing is that I finished without ever having to walk. I may have slowed to a very slow jog at spots, but I never walked. I know there’s no shame in walking for a bit during a long-distance race, but I went into this event thinking it might be the only half-marathon I ever run so I didn’t want to have any regrets. And a lot of my training this year was about finding a pace that would allow me to complete running events without having to walk. It would have been disappointing to me if I had done so.

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Video of my finish… Here’s a quick recap of the other three major athletic competitions I competed in this year:

Now, I also had a background goal this year to get down to 168 pounds. Well, I wasn’t able to hit that one, but I am down to around 177 so I’m still within 10 pounds of that goal. The important thing is that I physically feel the best I have in, well, my entire adult life. I would love to continue doing these events, but 2015 is going to be busy for me as my wife and I will be welcoming into our lives our second child in three years. And my transition from a work-at-home/freelance position to an office gig back in August has severely curtailed any time I would have for training. So I seriously doubt I will be doing a “Back in Training” series in 2015…but check back in 2016. – BK Note: See the January 18 update and original post below for background information…and please see the Training Tracker below to follow my major training swims, rides and runs.

1/18/2014 UPDATE: Earlier this month (see original post below), I wrote about training for my first half-marathon, the Trenton (N.J.) Half-Marathon taking place Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014, and my other goal of reaching a target weight of 168 pounds. Well, when I wrote that, I was also eyeing another ridiculously ambitious goal…competing and finishing in the Atlantic City International Triathlon on Sept. 14, 2014. However, I was still waiting to hear back from the organizers regarding a question about my bike. Well, I was given the information I needed and have officially registered for the event, which includes a one-mile swim, a 20-mile bike ride and a 10K (6.2-mile) run. I’ve never done an official half-marathon before, but at least I’ve run 13.1 miles in training  so I know I can do it. I have completed a swim of around a mile, have ridden 20 miles on a bike many times before and have 6.2 miles several times. However, I am in no way ready to do all of these in sequence at one time, but I’m learning as fast as I can how to get myself trained and conditioned for it. So I must revise the 2014 fitness goals I listed in the original post. They are now: 1) get weight down to (and stay at/near) 168 pounds, 2) complete the Atlantic City International Triathlon, and 3) complete the Trenton Half-Marathon. Wow…when you write it all out, it looks daunting. What was I thinking? Oh well, nothing to do now but to get in shape and ready to compete. At the bottom of each of these posts, you will find a training tracker so you can follow my progress.

Original Post – January 9, 2014: Last year, I tracked my training for the Trenton 10K, which took place Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013. It was the first organized race I have run other than a 5K. I finished the Trenton 10K with a chip time of 59:46.399, and my goal was to finish in less than an hour…so mission accomplished. But as I watched the half-marathon runners start their race that morning, I regretted not being more ambitious with my running goals. After finally shaking off a persistent head cold I came down with the day after the race, I mapped out a route and completed a test run of 13.1 miles in 2:27:27—and, admittedly, that included about a half-mile of walking. Now that I know I can do it, I want to announce here that I have registered for the 2014 Trenton Half-Marathon, taking place Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014. I also want to use this opportunity to finally get into the proverbial “best shape of my life”— a sports cliché used by so many aging veterans heading into training camp. The holidays and two bouts with colds have basically put me back to square one as far as conditioning is concerned, but next week I’m going to start getting serious about working out everyday and tracking my caloric intake. And, of course, I’ll be tracking my training runs here on the blog. In addition to training for the half marathon, it is my goal to finally get down to 168 pounds, which means losing about 23 pounds. I had lost 35 pounds back in 2006 after a false heart disease scare, but my weight-loss efforts stalled at 173—leaving me five pounds shy of my goal. Unfortunately, I gained nearly all of the weight I lost back again within the following year and have only been able to lose about 10-15 pounds a couple of times since then. So…those are my two main goals for 2014: 1) complete the Trenton Half Marathon, 2) get down (and stay at/near) 168 pounds.

Training Tracker I’ll be posting updates on my progress here every so often. The table below includes my swim/bike/run distances and times during this training period. Items in bold are personal records or other milestones. Also, I finally reversed the order of the table so that the most recent activity is at top…
Date Swim/Bike/Run Distance Time
11/8/2014 13.1 miles (run) 2:07:12 (personal best half-marathon, personal best 10-mi. time of 1:34:03)
10/26/2014 3.1 miles (run) 26:26
10/26/2014 10.1 miles (run) 1:36:28
10/18/2014 8 miles (run) 1:16:42
10/5/2014 5K (run) 23:04 -WXPN Musicians On Call 5K (results) – my Nike+ only registered 2.84 miles instead of 3.1
9/28/2014 6.5 miles (run) 58:16 (includes personal-best 10K time of 55:11)
9/21/2014 4.9 miles (run) 48:52
9/21/2014 5.5 miles (run) 50:27
9/14/2014 5 miles (run) 50:20.80 – 2014 Atlantic City International Triathlon (results)
9/14/2014 20 miles (bike) 1:08:52.80 – 2014 Atlantic City International Triathlon (results) [Transition 2 time – 6:45.20]
9/14/2014 1.0 mile (swim) 52:16.80 – 2014 Atlantic City International Triathlon (results) [Transition 1 time – 6:18.20]
9/7/2014 6.27 miles (run) 57:08 (56:39 10K time – personal best)
8/30/2014 0.5 mile (swim) Approximately 25 minutes
8/29/2014 3.15 miles (run) 26:14
8/17/2014 3.1 miles (run) 26:01 – 2014 Hightstown Triathlon (results)
8/17/2014 15.3 miles (bike) 50:16 – 2014 Hightstown Triathlon (results)
8/17/2014 0.25 miles (swim) 10:24 – 2014 Hightstown Triathlon (results)
8/9/2014 2.34 miles (run) 19:40
8/9/2014 600 yards/0.34 miles (lake swim) N/A…first time swimming in a lake in a wetsuit…had to “float” frequently during swim and rest for about 15 minutes between the two 300-yard loops.
8/8/2014 3.11 miles (bike) 27:22
8/8/2014 15.55 miles (bike) 52:48
8/6/2014 3.12 miles (run) 27:12
8/6/2014 14.99 miles (bike) 49:32 (in a bit of rain)
8/4/2014 3.11 miles (run) 29:05
8/4/2014 14.42 (bike) 51:19
7/31/2014 19.55 miles (bike) 1:06:54 (tracking was a bit off toward the end of the ride due to device issue)
7/29/2014 3.11 miles (run) 26:17
7/17/2014 3.11 miles (run) 30:42
7/16/2014 3.11 miles (run) 28:36
7/16/2014 20.03 miles (bike) 1:09:05
7/10/2014 3.1 miles (Nike+ recorded 3.19 miles) (run) 26:47.15 (RWJUH Strides for Stroke 5K) / 27:14 (Nike+)
7/10/2014 20.05 miles (bike) 1:09:45
7/8/2014 2.01 miles (run) 18:28
7/8/2014 10.04 miles (bike) 33:59
6/30/2014 5.00 miles (run) 48:02
6/27/2014 6.2 miles (run) 59:51
6/27/2014 20.08 miles (bike) 1:07:31
6/23/2014 3.30 miles (run) 31:15
6/23/2014 20.03 miles (bike) 1:06:44 (20-mile personal best)
6/20/2014 3.12 miles (run) 28:20
6/20/2014 15.01 (bike) 51:08
6/17/2014 3.11 miles (run) 26:09 (included personal-best mile time of 7:33)
6/16/2014 4.06 miles (run) 41:37
6/16/2014 20.28 miles (bike) 1:08:34
6/10/2014 6.22 miles (run) 57:02 (10K-distance personal best)
6/6/2014 3.12 miles (run) 26:43
6/4/2014 4.54 miles (run) 52:46
6/4/2014 20.24 miles (bike) 1:08:27 (20-mile personal best)
5/29/2014 6.21 miles (run) 1:02:37
5/29/2014 16.6 miles (bike) 58:48
5/29/2014 4.67 miles (bike) 17:39
5/27/2014 3.12 miles (run) 27:42
5/25/2014 6.21 miles (run) 58:57 (Brigantine, NJ)
5/23/2014 3.12 miles (run) 27:15
5/20/2014 6.23 miles (run) 57:16
5/19/2014 2.35 miles (run) 20:02
5/12/2014 5.01 miles (run) 46:18
5/9/2014 3.11 miles (run) 25:58 (5K-distance personal best)
5/4/2014 10.0 miles (Nike+ recorded 10.2 miles) (run) 1:36:21 – Broad Street Run (10-mile personal-best)
5/2/2014 3.1 miles (run) 28:15
5/1/2014 3.1 miles (run) 26:23 (5K-distance personal best)
4/28/2014 4 miles (run) 35:44
4/24/2014 10 miles (run) 1:39:04
4/22/2014 5.02 miles (run) 50:18
4/21/2014 5.02 miles (run) 46:38 (5-mile personal best)
4/13/2014 3.1 miles (run) 26:57 official chip time – Barnabas Health Lakewood BlueClaws 5K
4/9/2014 3.14 miles (run) 26:52
4/2/2014 3.11 miles (run) 26:51
3/27/2014 10 miles (run) 1:45:49
3/21/2014 15.25 mile ride followed by 6.21 mile run 59:25 (bike)/1:05:14 (run)
3/11/2014 18.46 mile ride followed by 3.11 mile run 1:10:09 (bike)/30:40 (run)
3/6/2014 6.21 miles (run) 58:45
2/21/2014 6.21 miles (run) 1:01:34
2/11/2014 3.11 miles (run) 30:55
2/10/2014 1.02 miles (swim) – 72 laps (25-yd pool) approx. 40 minutes
2/6/2014 1.02 miles (swim) – 72 laps (25-yd pool) approx. 40 minutes
2/4/2014 0.57 miles (swim) – 40 laps (25-yd pool) unknown
1/31/2014 1.14 miles (swim) – 80 laps (25-yd pool) approx. 1 hour
1/29/2014 1.02 miles (swim) – 72 laps (25-yd pool) approx. 50 minutes
1/27/2014 0.71 miles (swim) – 50 laps (25-yd pool) approx. 40 minutes
1/24/2014 0.37 miles (swim) – 26 laps (25-yd pool) approx. 30 minutes
12/5/2013 13.12 miles (run) 2:27:27

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