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Get my results from the Hightstown Triathlon on Sunday, Sept. 13 September 12, 2015

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Despite my summer training getting derailed by a broken left hand for most of July and August, I’m still competing in the Hightstown (N.J.) Triathlon on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015…and you can follow along:

Brian Kelley’s 2015 Hightstown Triathlon Result

I did this sprint-distance tri last year as a warm-up to the Atlantic City (International) Triathlon a month later. Both were my first triathlons at those respective distances. I actually medaled at Hightstown as I finished at the No. 3 male newcomer, but I didn’t expect to medal and didn’t realize there was such a medal until two weeks after the race when I happened to read it on the event’s web site so I never received it. Thankfully, this year’s organizer allowed me to take one of last year’s medals when I explained what had happened.

Anyway, because I’m not in the greatest shape and didn’t get in as much training as I had planned, I don’t expect to do all that great. I’m thinking the 500-yard swim will be around 15-17 minutes, the 11.2-mile bike ride will be around 40-45 minutes, the 3.1-mile run about 30-32 minutes, and my two transition times about 6 minutes each. Add that all up and you get somewhere between 1 hour, 37 minutes and 1 hour, 43 minutes. I finished in 1:34:05 last year and that was with a longer bike ride (about 15 miles).

In fact, I hadn’t done an open-water swim since Atlantic City a year ago – until I covered about 500 yards in a practice swim while picking up my race packet today (9/12) in Hightstown. It was rough, but I didn’t die so I have that going for me.

OK…time to get to sleep and get ready to swim, bike and run.



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