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A song for these times December 19, 2016

Posted by Brian in Brian Kelley, Music, NJ, SoundCloud.

Don't want to be a pest...but I still need your vote!I wrote “Get Back Into Line” in 2013 and quickly recorded a demo-grade version of it in GarageBand on my MacBook. I hadn’t written anything politically or socially charged in ages, but I was angry about what was going on with Congress at the time and this came together fairly quickly (and includes a couple of choice “adult” words). Musically, it was inspired by Midge Ure (of Ultravox and Band Aid fame), who I had seen live in Philly in January 2013. The sparse intro was influenced by the Ultravox classic “Vienna,” as is the buildup toward the middle of the song. There’s also some art/prog-rock touches thrown in.

Anyway…here, now, at the end of 2016, not only has a certain group of people not found the passion to care for all of its constituents and the world in general, but they have found a new leader who amplifies, endorses and empowers all the worst elements of this nation.

As the Electoral College casts its votes today to send this nation into a very dark chapter, I felt it was appropriate to share this song again. I recently started to reimagine it a bit, focusing more on the piano, so maybe I’ll record a new version of this soon.


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